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Two Time AQHA World Champion Cowhorse
Back To Back Worlds Greatest Horseman


I don't get nervous as much as I used to because Ron and Ernie together are amazing,
and whatever they do is whatever they do.
They've proven themselves over and over and over

- Nichole Scott


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2005 NSHA Limited Open Futurity Reserve Champion; 3rd NSHA Intermediate Open; Open Futurity split 5th, Mid America Open & Limited Open Snaffle Bit Futurities Reserve Champion.



Top 10 2006 NRCHA Open Derby; 3rd NRCHA Open Hackamore Classic; Open Hackamore Reserve Champion; Klamath Open RCH Derby Reserve Champion; High score rein work at Idaho RCHA Derby; 3rd AQHA World Show Junior Cowhorse



2007 NRCHA Open Derby Reserve Champion; split 5th Idaho RCHA Open Derby; AQHA World Champion Junior Cowhorse.


7th NRCHA Magnificent 7; split 3rd NRCHA Open Bridle Spectacular; split 3rd West Coast Reining Spectacular Intermediate Open Derby; Arizona Sun Circuit High Point Senior Working Cowhorse; NRCHA open Bridle Champion; AQHA World Champion Senior Cowhorse.



3rd NRCHA Worlds Greatest Horsemen (high score Steer Stopping); NSHA Stockhorse Classic Bridle Sweepstakes Open Champion (153 down the fence); Magnificent 7 Reserve Champion; 7th NRCHA Derby Open Bridle Spectacular; 5th NSHA Worlds Richest Open Stockhorse.



NSHA Stockhorse Classic Reserve Champion; NRCHA Hackamore Classic Open Bridle 4th; Magnificent 7 CHAMPION; NRCHA Derby Open Bridle 6th; NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Open Bridle 3rd.



Worlds Greatest Horsmen CO-RESERVE CHAMPION (high score Steer Stopping) Magnificent 7 CHAMPION; NSHA Stockhorse Classic CHAMPION; NRCHA Derby Open Bridle Spectacular CHAMPION; NRCHA Open Bridle RESERVE CHAMPION. Most successful year to date-winning over $70,000!



Worlds Greatest Horseman CHAMPION (Marking a 228 down the fence, and breaking the record for the highest 4 event composite score in the finals!); Reserve Champion NRCHA Derby Open Bridle Spectacular.